I specialise in Computational BIM and Design for the AEC Industry. Kurvform is a showcase for my work and interests. I build custom scripts and applications to help projects automate modelling workflows and integrate computational design.


I've always been passionate about designing, building and making. After a degree in Architecture and then careers as both a BIM Manager and a programmer i now combine the two together. I believe Computational Design, and in the future Generative Design, will play a big role in the future of the AEC Industry. I use my expertise and industry knowledge to build custom tools to help projects automate modelling workflows. My work focuses around Autodesk Revit and Dynamo combined with Python and other data programming languages.

Paul Fassnidge Kurvform

What i do

  • Code

    Plugins + Custom Tooling using Dynamo, Revit API and Python.

  • Model

    Computational Design through Autodesk Revit and Dynamo

  • Digital Content

    Revit Families + Digital Content


Tinkering with Dynamo, Code + Computational Design...

  • Kurvform Code Download

    scheduZilla : a simple Excel to Revit and back to Excel script for Dynamo

  • Kurvform Code Download

    clashBot : Dynamo script running coordination for project model category against a linked model category

  • Kurvform Code Download

    PDFCreator: Dynamo script to collect and bulk write selected Revit Sheets to PDF with BS1192 naming format

  • Kurvform Code Download

    COBieDataChecker: Dynamo script to check a model's COBie data Parameters for empty fields by category

Technologies i use